The Capitoline Derby is one of the most awaited sports events held in Rome. The history of the rivalry between AS Roma and Lazio goes back to the late 1920s, its roots residing not only in the sports competition proper, but also in the political and social concerns which have haloed the foundation of the two football clubs.

The years have past and each of the two teams has repeatedly affirmed its value in the national and international football arena. It’s not for nothing that the much awaited derby inflames the spirits of all dedicated fans which either experience the thrill of the competition live, from the seats of the celebrated Stadio Olimpico, or watch the match on TV. The Capitoline Derby, or the Rome Derby, has, thus, turned into a point of reference on the annual calendar of the international football scene, as well as the epicenter of all thrills only dedicated fans can actually experience, regardless of nationality.

In order to learn more about the Rome Derby, as well as updated information on the entire football arena of Italy, follow the indications below:

Capitoline Derby (Derby Capitolino)
Stadio Olimpico, Via dei Gladiatori, Rome, Italy

Stadio Olimpico, Via dei Gladiatori, Rome, Italy

Stadio Olimpico, Via dei Gladiatori, Rome, Italy

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