Spending a whole summer in Rome is not a perspective to disregard by globetrotters who afford a tourist pursuit of this kind. Rome is famed for its overpowering plethora of sights, which means the likelihood of getting bored in Rome is close to nothing. But in summer, plenty of things to do add to the all-season attractions. We speak of the Roman Summer, which invites the locals and the visitors alike to enjoy the summer vacation by attending the range of sports, entertainment and cultural events which take hold of the city’s most reputed theaters, parks, piazzas and galleries.

Rome is thus, filled with the vibrant energy of seemingly endless theater representations and music shows (from rock and jazz to classical music), film screenings and art exhibitions, cabarets and book fairs. The entertainment opportunities suitable for the little ones are not left aside either, which is why the Roman Summer can be defined as a series of events conceived such as to match the tastes of all participants, regardless of age, entertainment priorities and pockets. By far, this is one of the best occasions to become acquainted with Rome’s overwhelming tourist platform.

The Roman Summer lasts from early June to September the 30th, though certain programs can be extended in October too. In order to learn all about Estate Romana, visit the official website of the festival:

Roman Summer (Estate Romana)
Rome, Italy
early June to September the 30th

Rome, Italy

Rome, Italy

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