1. Hotel Lucania Rome

Address: Via U. Foscolo 32 - 00185 - Roma


  1. Hotel Matilde Rome

Address: Via Villafranca 20 - 00185 - Roma


  1. Hotel Mimosa Rome

Address: Via di Santa Chiara, 61, 00186 Roma

It is difficult to find, among 1­star hotels in Rome a hotel with as enviable a location as the Hotel Mimosa. In via di Santa Chiara, 100 meters from the Pantheon and 5 minutes from piazza Navona, the hotel is in the heart of the historic center of the city and is ideal for visiting...


  1. Hotel Molisana Rome

Address: Via A. Grandi 4 - 00185 - Roma


  1. Hotel Monaco Rome

Address: Via Flavia 84, 00187 Roma

Monaco Hotel has a favourable position in the centre of Rome within a step from Via Veneto and on foot just 15 minutes from the very famous Piazza di Spagna: it is halfway between the Quirinale, Via Nazionale and Termini Station. Our strategic position allows our guests to arrive at the main and historical places...

Quattro Pini

  1. Hotel Quattro Pini Rome

Address: Via Flaminia, 1181


  1. Hotel Rosetta Rome

Address: Via Cavour 295 - 00184 - Roma


  1. Hotel Sameena Rome

Address: Via del Viminale 31 - 00184 - Roma


  1. Hotel Spineto Rome

Address: Via Spinetoli, 16 - 00132 - Giardini Di Corcolle - Roma

Hotel Spineto is located in the East Suburbs of the Eternal City; it is therefore located in a landscape context of naturalistic, archaeological and tourist­religious interest (Sanctuary of San Vittorino with the Feudal Stronghold). The different itineraries range from the art city of Tivoli to the area of Villa Adriana, dating back to the Roman...


  1. Hotel Suez Rome

Address: Via F. Turati 62 - 00185 - Roma


  1. Hotel Valparaiso Rome

Address: Viale Giulio Cesare 47 - 00192 - Roma


  1. Hotel Sisters Rome

Address: Via Salaria, 957

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