1. Residence Palazzo al Velabro Rome
The Residence Palazzo al Velabro is a marvellous apartment­house in the heart of Rome, surrounded by a green area, located between the Circus Maximus, Palatino Hill and Campidoglio Hill. The XVII century building overviews the beautiful square Piazza Bocca delle Verità with the Temple of Vesta and the fourth century Arch of Giano. Next to the Residence there is the church of San Giorgio al Velabro, one of the oldest churches in town. Nearby lays the impressive archaeological area of the Roman Forum. Walking only few meters away from our Residence, you will find yourself surrounded by the secret treasures of the Eternal City.
Via del Velabro 16, 00186 - Roma
(+39) 06 67 92 75 8
(+39) 06 67 93 79 0
Aventino - Testaccio


Via del Velabro 16, 00186 - Roma - Rome

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