Rome is a tourist destination of dazzling density. There is a plethora of things to see and things to do able not only to keep a tourist busy for the entire period of their stay in the capital of Italy, but requiring them to carefully plan their itineraries and tours such as to cover as much as possible from what Rome has to offer for both the common and the less mainstream holidaymakers of Italy.

It goes without saying that the budget one has to reserve for such an undertaking is considerable. The Roma Pass (along with the Roma & Piu Pass version) was conceived such as to meet the needs of all tourists interested in searching out Rome to the full extent of its sights and opportunities, while enjoying the advantages of an enhanced orientation, not to mention the numerous discounts and even free admission, as the case may be, to sundry museums and archeological sites.

This useful tourist tool (Roma Pass, however, is not dedicated to tourists exclusively, being available to locals also) was conceived at the initiative and with the support of three major authorities, that is, the Italian Ministry of Arts and Culture, the City Council of Rome and ATAC (the main public transport company of Rome) in order to make the tourist platform of the capital more accessible and easier to explore in depth.

Thus, the advantages holders of a Roma Pass can enjoy refer to free public transport, free admission to the first two museums (or archeological sites) they visit, discounts to all the other sights visited, as well as a series of other advantages in regard to the performance scene of the city: cultural and artistic events, entertainment, sightseeing tours.

The Roma Pass can be purchased from all the tourist information offices in Rome, from all the museums which accept the pass, from most of the metro station, as well as online. The permit is valid 3 days from the first day of validation. In order to learn all there is to know about the Roma Pass (updated information about prices, sale points, validation, rules of use and the like), please visit Roma Pass.

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