Despite its geographical location, that is, some 30 kilometers east of the shore of the Tyrrhenian Sea, Rome does not feature a Mediterranean climate, as one might believe at first. Rome’s climate is rather continental, being characterized by all the typical aspects: cold winters and hot summers, as well as mild springs and autumns. Thus, it’s no surprise to see April and May, on the one hand, and September and October are the moments when Rome overflows with tourists drawn to the capital of Italy precisely because of the mild wholesome temperature values which make it possible for visitors to spend a pleasant vacation in Rome.

Being a highly urbanized site, Rome’s temperatures tend to go to extremes, in particular in summer. The Mediterranean influences hardly mitigate the heat during the day, though the summer nights in Rome are not only bearable, but quite pleasant too. Thus, in terms of air temperature, the values can rise to even above 30 degrees Celsius in July and August. This is precisely why most of the locals of Rome leave the city in mid summer and head for the nearby beach or mountain resort in order to shake off the urban heat. While the tourist flow is considerably diminished (if compared with the spring and the autumn seasons), Rome still remains a destination plenty prefer to visit in summer, in case the risk of sunstroke and the heat discomfort don’t matter that much.

The spring and the autumn, as said, are a whole different story. The only threat refers to the slightly increased humidity, as well as to the difficult to foresee showers which, if not strictly occasional, do remain, most of the time, unpredictable (which is why carrying an umbrella all the time is recommendable). Temperatures stabilize at an average value of 20 degrees Celsius.

To say that the winter season in Rome is chilly is too little. While snowfall in Rome is not frequent, temperatures do tend to drop to about 3 or 4 degrees Celsius, which is quite uncomfortable for a normal sightseeing tour or for other tourist undertakings one can venture in while in Rome. However, adequate clothing and footwear are, of course, recommendable for holidaymakers who want to discover Rome in winter.

The links below feature the weather forecast for Rome for several days, taking into account parameters like the air temperature, air humidity, wind velocity, rainfall.

4-day weather forecast for Rome provided by Weather Online.

5-day weather forecast for Rome provided by Open Weather.

9-day weather forecast for Rome provided by Weather-Forecast.

10-day weather forecast for Rome provided by The Weather Channel.

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