Imperial Forums

In Ancient Rome, the Fora (Forum) represented the center of commercial, political and judicial life. The Roman Forums are more then three thousand years old. The most important tourist attractions of... Imperial Forums

Piazza della Rotonda Rome

Piazza della Rotonda represents today Rome's financial centre. Here you can visit the Pantheon with its Ancient architecture. Other Tourist attractions in the area; Churches: The Pantheon, Gesu, Sant'Ignazio di Loyola, Santa... Piazza della Rotonda Rome

Campo de Fiori Rome

Campo de'Fiori is one of the most fascinating parts of Rome. Once arrived here, you can still feel the lively atmosphere of medieval inns. Today, the area attracts teenagers and... Campo de Fiori Rome

Laterano Rome

In Medieval Age, Laterano was the Popes residence. The San Giovanni Church was nearby. Here there can be found along the Laterano Palace as well as archeological sites like The... Laterano Rome

Trastevere Rome

Trastevere is one of Romes' most fascinating old neighborhoods, hosting people who considered themselves true Romans. Here it can be visited one of the most beautiful Medieval Churches of Rome. Other... Trastevere Rome

Ianiculum (Giannicolo) Rome

Ianiculum is the fortress led by Garibaldi (Founder of Italian State) to have defended the city in 1849 against the French troupes. During the Medieval Ages, the area had many... Ianiculum (Giannicolo) Rome

Via Veneto Rome

Via Veneto was an old suburb of Rome full of gardens and luxurious villas. During the 5th century, the area was plundered and became an empty field. During the 17th... Via Veneto Rome

Caracalla Rome

Today Caracalla is a green area crossed by Via di Porta San Sebastiano, street which leads to on of the best preserved gates of Rome. In the past, this area... Caracalla Rome