Why visit Ostia Ostia is located about 30 or so kilometers west of Rome. It stretches on the Tyrrhenian coast and, as far as the locals of Rome are concerned,... Ostia


Why visit Tivoli Tivoli is one of the most popular daytrip destinations for holidaymakers of Rome. Located a little over 30 kilometers east of the capital, Tivoli is best... Tivoli


Why visit Cerveteri Cerveteri is located a little over 45 kilometers northwest of Rome. The modern town of Cerveteri is not particularly interesting, though certain sights are worth mentioning, such... Cerveteri


Why visit Frascati Located some 20 kilometers southeast of Rome, Frascati is not just a fine daytrip idea, but its plethora of attractions could recommend the city as a whole... Frascati


Why visit Palestrina Located some 20 kilometers east of Rome, Palestrina is an ancient city, perhaps even older than Rome itself, which makes for an excellent daytrip idea for holidaymakers... Palestrina


Why visit Bracciano Bracciano stretches on the west shore of Lago di Bracciano, some 30 kilometers north of Rome, neighboring on the town of Cerveteri. Bracciano does not necessarily overwhelm... Bracciano


Why visit Anzio Anzio is an ancient city which, historically speaking, played an important role in the Second World War, when it was the landing point for the liberating Allied... Anzio

Castel Gandolfo

Why visit Castel Gandolfo There is a consensus of opinion that Castel Gandolfo is one of the most scenic towns in Italy. Nestled between the Alban Hills and overlooking Lago... Castel Gandolfo