Palazzo del Quirinale

Palazzo del Quirinale is, perhaps, the most famed of all palaces in Rome. Located on the Quirinal Hill, the palace is now the residence of the president of the Italian... Palazzo del Quirinale

Palazzo Barberini

Located in the namesake piazza of Rome, Palazzo Barberini is notable both for its architectural excellence and for the fact it is now home to the National Gallery of Ancient... Palazzo Barberini

Palazzo Pamphili

Located on one of the sides of Piazza Navona, Palazzo Pamphili (also spelled Pamphilj) offers a solid background to the epic Fontana del Nettuno. The palace bears the name of... Palazzo Pamphili

Palazzo de Cupis

Palazzo de Cupis might not be the most impressive architectural presence in Piazza Navona, yet it is one of the most robust buildings here. Indeed, what it lacks in architectural... Palazzo de Cupis

Palazzo Torres Massimo Lancellotti

Another arresting architectural presence in Piazza Navona of Rome, located at the junction of the square with Via della Cuccagna, refers to Palazzo Torres Massimo Lancellotti. This palace was built... Palazzo Torres Massimo Lancellotti

Palazzo Chigi

Located in Campus Martius, just a short walking distance from Palazzo del Quirinale, Palazzo Chigi is nowadays known as the residence of the prime minister of Italy (in fact, it... Palazzo Chigi

Palazzo Corsini

Palazzo Corsini is located on the west bank of the Tiber River, facing, from the opposite side of the river, the Spada Gallery. The palace was built between 1730 and... Palazzo Corsini