Capitoline Hill

Located in central Rome, facing the Vatican from the east shore of the Tiber River, the Capitoline Hill nestles between Campus Martius and the Roman Forum, also neighboring on the... Capitoline Hill

Palatine Hill

The Palatine Hill is the most historical of all the seven hills of Rome. It is also the most centrally located (being surrounded by the Aventine Hill – to the... Palatine Hill

Esquiline Hill

The Esquiline Hill is the largest of all the Seven Hills of Rome. In early antiquity, the area served as cemetery for the poor. Its bad reputation amongst the locals... Esquiline Hill

Aventine Hill

While the Aventine Hill might not be the wealthiest in terms of tourist sights, it remains one of the most pleasant places to search out in Rome. This is the... Aventine Hill

Caelian Hill

Neighboring on the Palatine Hill (located to the west) and the Esquiline Hill (to the north), the Caelian Hill is mostly notable for its peaceful atmosphere. Since antiquity, the hill... Caelian Hill

Viminal Hill

Nestled between the Quirinal Hill and the Esquiline Hill, the Viminal Hill is the smallest of all the Seven Hills of the Rome. It might not be the most appealing... Viminal Hill

Quirinal Hill

The Quirinal Hill is the northernmost and the highest of the Seven Hills of Rome. Named after an ancient god of war of the Sabine people (later assimilated by the... Quirinal Hill