Piazza Navona

Located a short walk from the Capitoline Museums (some 200 meters northeast of the museums), Piazza Navona is best known as one of the most impeccable examples of Baroque architectural... Piazza Navona

Piazza della Repubblica

Located atop the Viminal Hill, in the vicinity of Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore and of Teatro dell’Opera di Roma, Piazza della Repubblica is, for tourists who get to Rome... Piazza della Repubblica

Piazza del Popolo

Piazza del Popolo is one of the most ancient squares in Rome. Retained as place of public executions until the first half of the 19th century, Piazza del Popolo marks... Piazza del Popolo

Piazza Barberini

Located on the Quirinal Hill, the 16th century Piazza Barberini is best known to the contemporary tourist for being home to several buildings and monuments of spectacular architectural excellence (several... Piazza Barberini

Piazza di Spagna and the Spanish Steps

Located just south of the Villa Borghese Gardens, Piazza di Spagna is best known to the fashion victims which search out Rome as the junction of all the major shopping... Piazza di Spagna and the Spanish Steps