Located on the Quirinal Hill, the 16th century Piazza Barberini is best known to the contemporary tourist for being home to several buildings and monuments of spectacular architectural excellence (several of these have kept their original design, but, overall, they were reconstructed or substantially altered in the course of history). Perhaps the most famed of all buildings in Piazza Barberini is the namesake palazzo (in fact, the square was named after the palace, calling forth the power and the influence of the historical Barberini family, of which, amongst others, Maffeo Barberini, later elected pope under the name of Urban VIII, was born).

The square is also worth noting for being home to two of Bernini’s great architectural works, namely, Fontana del Tritone (the first free standing fountain ever designed by Bernini, located in the center of the piazza) and Fontana delle Api (which bears the insignia of the Barberini family). Also, it was under Bernini’s supervision that the construction works at the Barberini Palace (initiated following a project by Carlo Maderno) were completed.

Fountains in Piazza Barberini: Fontana del Tritone, Fontana delle Api

Palaces in Piazza Barberini: Palazzo Barberini

Piazza Barberini
Rome, Italy