Palazzo del Quirinale is, perhaps, the most famed of all palaces in Rome. Located on the Quirinal Hill, the palace is now the residence of the president of the Italian Republic, but before assuming this function, it was also the historical residence of the popes and of the kings of Italy. The palace was built on purpose on the Quirinal, the highest of all the hills of Rome, since the back then pope, Gregory XII, was in search of an environment far from the bad climate of the lowlands of Rome. The construction works were initiated in 1583, but they were completed several decades later, during the pontificate of Pope Paul V.

As it stands out today, the Quirinal Palace must be appreciated as the result of the conjoint efforts of a team of architects and artists. Thus, for instance, the initial design was entrusted to Ottaviano Mascherino, but sundry other elements (structural and decorative alike) were realized by Carlo Maderno (the bell tower and the Great Chapel), by Domenico Fontana (the facade), by Guido Reni and Melozzo da Forli (frescoes adorning the chapel and the section above the main staircase). Francesco Borromini’s contribution is also notable (he worked with Carlo Maderno to the design of the bell tower).

Palazzo del Quirinale (Quirinal Palace / Quirinale)
Piazza del Quirinale, 00187, Rome, Italy