Why visit Anzio

Anzio is an ancient city which, historically speaking, played an important role in the Second World War, when it was the landing point for the liberating Allied armies which came to the peninsula in order to deliver Rome from the occupying Nazi forces. There are few vestiges dating back to the antiquity, which might make the object of a sightseeing tour (they are scattered throughout the city, including on the beach, though tourists are little interested in searching them out). However, the historical heritage is rounded up by the remains of the once glorious Roman villas built by the emperors or by the rich Roman aristocrats drawn to Antium due to its proximity to the sea.

Of these remains, the most famed are the ruins of a villa said to have been the residence of Nero himself. A Roman Amphitheater can also be spotted in Anzio, evoking the lost glory of the ancient Antium. A nature park, notable for its sulfurous springs and for the medieval tower, called Tor Caldara, is located close to Anzio, and can easily complement the sightseeing tour of the city. Yet, one of the most rewarding experiences in Anzio is to go restaurant-hopping. Plenty of seafood and fish eateries can be spotted here, which is no surprise at all, given the city’s location on the Tyrrhenian coast.

The city is also notable for its beaches (mostly private). While holidaymakers of Rome choose Ostia if they want to spice their stay in the capital with a day at the beach, Anzio too counts as a further alternative, in particular because the beach here is overtopped by the ruins of the ancient Roman edifices, even if the distance between the eternal city and Anzio is longer, amounting to some 50 kilometers. An excellent escapade refers to visiting the nearby Aprilia, where the Oasi Golf Club is located. But for truly exquisite beach moments, tourists should definitely head for the neighboring Nettuno where, besides sunbathing, they can also explore the local restaurants in search of the perfect glass of Cacchione, which is one of the reputed DOC labels of the Lazio region of Italy. Keep in mind Nettuno is the place where the celebrated Borghese Gladiator was discovered (it is now part of the artistic patrimony of the Louvre, after a brief stay at the Borghese Gallery in Rome).

How to get from Rome to Anzio

Anzio is located on the railway line between Rome and Nettuno. This is why the train trips are not only possible, but also convenient for tourists who spend their vacation in Rome and want to visit Anzio. Please visit Trenitalia in order to learn about the train connection between Rome and Anzio (and Nettuno, for that matter).

The buses run by COTRAL can also be taken into account for a fast trip to Anzio. In order to see the exact bus schedule, terminals and intermediary stations, please visit COTRAL.