Fontana dei Dioscuri is located in front of Palazzo del Quirinale, a historical building initially constructed (in 1583) to serve as summer residence for the pope. It was later turned into the residence of the King of Italy, while at present it is the official residence of the President of Republic of Italy. The center of the piazza where the palace is located (Piazza Quirinale) is filled by the said Fontana dei Dioscuri, also referred to as Fontana di Piazza del Quirinale. As it stands out today, the fountain was built no sooner than 1818, but an older fountain, of which certain parts are still visible today, used to fill the site. The latter was built in 1588, under Pope Sixtus V, following a design by Domenico Fontana.

The obelisk which springs up from the center of the basin which collects the water was added to the original fountain in 1786. It was brought from Campo Marzio, and placed in the center of the fountain statuary such as to boost up the verticality of the structure. The obelisk is flanked by the statues of the two Dioscuri (Castor and Polux) and of their horses. The original statues of the two young men were brought from the Baths of Constantine, at the time when the fountain was first built.

The most important change in the structure of the fountain refers to the fact the initial octagonal basin designed by Fontana was replaced with a larger circular one, designed by Raffaele Stern, upon the commission of Pope Pius VII.

Fontana dei Dioscuri (Fountain of the Dioscuri)
Piazza del Quirinale, Rome, Italy