While Centrale Montemartini is not the most famed sight to visit in Rome, it is, by some tourists’ opinion, one of the most amazing mixes of cultural items integrated in an unexpected frame, that is, the interior of a former power plant. Some may find it a bit too contra-canonical to try to blend in the grace of ancient marble statues with the stiffness and lack of expression of the specific machines of the said station.

Yet, Centrale Montemartini manages to catch the interest and the (favorable) appreciation of most of its visitors. The patrimony consists of the exhibits which had to be moved here when the Capitoline Museums underwent a major (and necessary) reorganization phase. Thus, since 1997 until now, Centrale Montemartini has gathered an impressive 400-item collection which comprises mosaics, statues, tombs, and busts. The grace of the ancient masterpieces and artifacts landscape is pegged out, as said, by the power plant gear, machineries which were not removed when the museum pieces were brought in.

All in all, Centrale Montemartini is worth visiting, even if only by title of an experimental attempt. Holders of a Roma Pass can enjoy the experience with considerable discounts.

Centrale Montemartini
106, Via Ostiense, 00154, Rome, Italy
0039 06 0608
[email protected]
Opening hours:
Tuesday to Sunday: 9am to 7pm