The Savello Park of Rome, which is also known as the Garden of Oranges, lies on the Aventine Hill, behind the Basilica of Santa Sabina, near Piazza Pietro d’Illiria (one of the entrances is located in this square, whereas the other opens in Via di Santa Sabina). This small garden was constructed by the Savello family in the late Middle Ages, and planted with orange trees in the memory of Saint Dominic who had founded, earlier in the course of history, a monastery on the site.

While visitors don’t have much to see in the picturesque Garden of Oranges, the park is quite popular for the splendid sweeping views of Rome it occasions from the terrace in the west side of the venue. Visitors often come here to admire the sun setting on the eternal city, setting ablaze the winding Tiber River and the dome of the Saint Peter’s Basilica. Recently, the park has also become home to innumerable specimens of parakeets, such that the atmosphere is constantly filled with tweets and rustling flight sounds.

Since 1932, the park has been opened to the public, being part of the locals’ life by providing them with the opportunity to contemplate Rome from one of its highest hills and also offering occasional open-air theater performances (usually, in summer, when the orange bloom complements, with its breathtaking scent, the pleasure of a cultural pastime).

Savello Park / Orange Garden (Parco Savello / Giardino degli Aranci)
Piazza Pietro d’Illiria, Rome, Italy