The Tiber River meanders through the very heart of Rome, crossing it from north to south. The river is, thus, a possible route for tourists who want to complement their stay in Rome with the unique experience of discovering the highlights of the city by means of a boat tour.

Battelli di Roma

A truly exceptional manner of discovering Rome by boat refers to the cruises on the Tiber offered by Battelli di Roma. Taking a cruise on the Tiber is a pleasant manner of exploring certain aspects of Rome which otherwise would remain hidden to the inquisitive tourist.

The day cruises start from nearby Sant’Angelo and end at the Risorgimento Bridge, after passing by the Tiberina Island. The night cruises, which are divided in dinner cruises and wine bar cruises, are ideal for gourmets since, besides the sightseeing proper tourists have the opportunity to sample delicious specialties of the elegant Italian cuisine, to delight in tasting a glass of wine while also enjoying the pleasant musical background. The glitzy Agrippina Maggiore is the proud vessel used by Battelli di Roma to carry out the suggested night cruises.

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