Even if the alternatives of getting around in Rome are numerous and, even more, complemented by exclusively tourist-oriented means (the bus tours and the boat tours on the Tiber), the mere walking will always have its unchallenged advantages. The most important benefit is visitors have the opportunity to stumble across less promoted, but just as enchanting attractions. Their new perspective is complemented by the useful and thorough information offered by the guides who accompany the visitors.

Enjoy Rome

The guided walking tours offered by Enjoy Rome are amongst the most complex. The highlights of these tours refer not only to the inner attractions of the capital, such as the Vatican, the archeological sites and the Old Rome, but also to the countryside of the city. The tours are available for both larger and smaller groups. In order to learn about the availability of these offers, prices, duration of a tour and the like, follow the indications below:

Enjoy Rome
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