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The story of the Cesàri Hotel is still unfolding. It began in 1787 when a licence to run the hotel was issued to Stefano Cesàri during the papacy of Pio VI Braschi. The licence, which is a unique document in the history of Hotels in Rome, has pride of place in the hall of the hotel. The Cesàri, which Stendhal was very fond of, accommodated such illustrious personages as Mazzini and Garibaldi, and such historical figures as Momsen and Gregorovius. The preparation for the establishment of the Repubblica Romana in 1849 was carried out here. From January 1 st 1899 till to day, the Hotel has belonged to the Palumbo family, who passed it down from father to son. It has been completely restored inside and its elegant, sophisticated atmosphere surrounds the guests, ensuring that their holiday in Rome is unforgettable.
Via Di Pietra 89/A
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