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The redbrick building that houses the hotel was built in 1940 and perfectly reflects the architectural style of the Mussolini period. During World War II, it was used by the Italian Navy as a private residence for officers. For the twenty­fourth Jubilee Year promulgated by Pope Pius XII to renew a society torn apart by the second world conflict, the building was converted into a hotel: Hotel Clodio. Since 1950, Hotel Clodio has extended a warm welcome to guests in a sophisticated and refined décor featuring real antiques. For the occasion, many ecclesiastical figures stayed here due to its vicinity to St Peter’s Basilica.
Via di Santa Lucia 10, 00195 Roma
Prati - Camilluccia
(+39) 06 37 21 12 2
(+39) 06 37 35 07 45

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