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A landmark in Rome, the Hotel Internazionale offers his precious clients the chance to enjoy the atmosphere of the ancient city center. From the Internazionale's terrace, the rooftops of Rome often mingle with the red colors of the sunset, wich forms a unique sweet Baroque frame when souls are softened and open to verbal expression and intimacy. Historically, the Hotel Internazionale is deeply rooted, as its wisteria climbing up to roof, in a system of buildings dated back to the time of Pope Sixtus V (XVI sec.), which were in turn built on the Horti Luculliani (Lucullian Gardens) dated I sec. b.C. The original building ­ hotel from 1870 – can be dated to the beginning of the XVII sec., but it’s only after 1870, that it takes its definite shape with the construction of the 4th floor and with the decoration of the façade.
Via Sistina, 79 - 00187 Roma
(+39) 06 69 94 18 23
(+39) 06 67 84 76 4

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