1. Residence Aran Park Rome
Grand but discreet, rich with manicured gardens and parks, the building is located in a new residential area named %uFFFDFonte Meravigliosa%uFFFD, close to the historical buildings of Eur. Easily reachable from the airport and from the city center, it offers an ample parking space and a private garage. All the public spaces, the rooms %uFFFD all with private balcony %uFFFD and meeting rooms are inundated with light that flows in from the sunlit hall, balconies and panoramic restaurant that offers an unexpected glance of the scenic Roman counrtyside. The absence of traffic around the hotel create a rare silence that enables those occupied with business meetings to focus their concentration.
Via Riccardo Forster, 24
(+39) 06 51 07 21
(+39) 06 51 96 39 76
EUR Garbatella

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