1. Residence Medaglie D Oro Rome
The Residence Medaglie D'Oro was established among one of the first buildings of its kind in Rome, at the beginning of the seventies. Its central location and high level of hospitality have guaranteed its success throughout the years. The Residence Medaglie D'Oro focuses mainly on an Italian and International clientele who find themselves in Rome either on business or to study and who are looking for comfortable accommodation with all the services that a hotel has to offer. It also has the added advantage that you can find yourself in a real home from home; also for all of those who may find themselves in our stupendous city for a short period and want to live the magical atmosphere in a different and more relaxing way, almost forgetting to be tourist and becoming inhabitants.
Via Gualtiero Serafino, 8
(+39) 06 39 73 97 00
(+39) 06 39 73 74 02
Prati - Camilluccia

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