Royal Meat House

  1. Hotel Royal Meat House Rome

Address: Piazza del Colosseo, 1 - 00184 Roma

The Royal Meat House is literally situated in a unique site: Piazza del Colosseo. It lies in an antique small palace. Each of its mini­suites and its rooftop terrace face the Amphitheatre and the ancient ruins all around. Your stay at our Hotel will be unforgettable and you’ll feel part of the enchanting charm of the Roman...

Rent Roof

  1. Hotel Rent Roof Rome

Address: Via Giuseppe Libetta, 19 00154 Roma


  1. Hotel Shasa Rome

Address: Via Padre Lino da Parma, 11

The almost total lack of good level Hotel accommodations in this area (the nearest is Tivoli) makes HOTEL SHASA a truly "oasis of the desert", hence our choice of the name "Shasa" that, in the Bushman language means "water in the desert"


  1. Hotel Kaire Rome

Address: Via Maffeo Vegio, 18

Large meeting room seating 90, for work groups and lectures, equipped with amplification, video­projector and simultaneous translation system. Press room with computers, broadband Internet access and fax.